Staff and Board



Events and Rental Coordinator: Raylinda Price


Board of Directors


President: Charles Hillestad (2016-2018)

Vice President: Dave Rucker (2015-2017) 

Secretary: Alex Botten (2016-2018) 

Treasurer: Todd Holt (2016-2018)



Cliff Watts (2015-2017)

Roy Carter (2017-2019)

Sarah Miller (2017-2019)

Steve Leonard (2017)

Tom Havens (2017-2019)

Michael Hafner (2017-2019)



Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Thornton

General Meetings Program Coordinator: Sarah Miller

Heritage Brick & Flagpole Coordinator: Carolyn Meeker

Heritage Center Operations: Tony Meeker & Cliff Watts

Heritage Center Landscaping: Gloria Lutz

IT Coordinator: Tom Cattrall

Lafayette Operations: Todd Holt

Membership Coordinator: Carlene Kadell

Newsletter Editor:Open

Outreach Coordinator: Cynthia Christensen

Pioneer Days Coordinator: Raylinda Price 

Volunteer Coordinator: Dave Rucker 

Website Administrator: Michael Hafner 


Committee Chairs

Accessions Lafayette: Ursula Doud

Accessions-Heritage Center: Dave Cruickshank

Activities and Events: Sarah Miller

Blacksmith Shop: Dale Turner

Budget: Todd Holt

Business Plan & Grant Review: Steve Leonard

Education Committee: Cynthia Christensen

Farm/Harvest Fest: Cliff and Pam Watts

Handmade Holidays: Karen Sitton-Saxberg

Heritage Center Development & Operations: Tony Meeker

Insurance Committee: Tony Meeker

Lafayette Operations : Todd Holt

Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery: Todd Holt

Media Committee: Michael Hafner

Merchandise Committee: Open

Photographic Project: Tom Cattrall

Restoration-Heritage Center: Walt Stahlnecker

Sawmill: Jerry Tessman

Secrets of the Past Tours: Karen Sitton-Saxberg

Steam Engine: Vern Yeager

Treasures in the Attic: Pam Watts

Volunteer Committee: Dave Rucker

YCHS Genealogy: Louise Heindl 




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